The World's most refined filter holder system


Wine Country Camera is a US company that produces a revolutionary filter holder system. It provides excellent light-sealing (especially important when using strong ND filters), internally rotating polarizers, and uses a unique system to add/remove/reposition filters in the field which is both fast and very secure.

Feature Overview

  • Light Tight Recess for the ND Vault: Light leaking between the ND filter and the lens is the number one challenge faced by holder system users … until now. We’ve built a dedicated recess into the holder system to create a light-tight environment for the ND filter. This feature alone makes the WCC Holder System the de facto standard for long exposure photographers. The vault surrounds your ND filter on all four sides, eliminating internal reflections caused by light entering on-edge, ensuring that your ND filter provides high-fidelity and high-contrast.
  • Push-button Adjustable Grad Vaults: The holder system features two stages for grad filters. Each stage is independently adjustable. Simply push the button, adjust the horizon line of the filter and release. And because you were just about to ask … yes the grad vaults are keyed for safety so your valuable filter doesn’t go plummeting into the earth the moment you push the button. We’ve got your back.
  • Internal Polarizer: Polarizer attachments on legacy holder systems are, in a word, awful. The light leaking behind the polarizers is severe and causes haze and reflections, the very thing you’re trying to remove with the polarizer! Our removable polarizer is mounted inside the body of the holder, completely eliminating reflections and vignetting caused. Polarizer rotation is controlled by the adjustment knob. The knob is placed on the lower-left rear of the holder so you can adjust it while looking through the lens. It’s geared so that the direction you turn the knob is the direction of filter rotation. And, we’ve made the knob from wood, so you don’t have to freeze your fingertips off on those cold days.
  • "Do Not Disturb" Release: Installing or removing the holder without disturbing framing or focus is absolutely critical, especially for long exposure photographers who must frame and focus the image before adding a heavy stack of ND.
  • Wood Handles: Most epic locations are pretty chilly. So we designed the holder with wooden handles so that your fingers will enjoy outdoor photography as much as the rest of your body. The wood is weather sealed for longevity.
  • Low Vignetting: We worked tirelessly throughout the design process to gain back every millimeter between the adapter ring and the outer grad tray to ensure that vignetting was reduced to an absolute minimum. The wood handles are even carved away to reduce vignetting. No detail is too small.

Phase One / Schneider lenses with 86mm or 72mm filter sizes:

Compatible Rodenstock lenses with 86mm or 72mm filter sizes:


What filters work with this holder?

100mm is the most popular size of square and rectangular filter for professional and advanced amateur photographers. 100x100mm ND and 100x150mm grad filters are well supported in the market, and manufactured by Lee, Formatt-Hitech, Nisi and others.

What lenses work with this holder?

Wine Country Camera’s 100mm holder system is designed to accommodate most DSLR and Mirrorless camera lenses. Adapter rings are available for all popular lens sizes from 47mm to 86mm. Choose a ring with your kit. Additional rings are available for purchase individually.

Will my wide angle lens vignette?

We have not tested every lens on the market for vignetting. Approximately 17mm seems to be the widest usable angle. But this is dependent upon lens model. We hope to develop a database of lenses soon.

Can I use my own polarizer?

Unfortunately not. Our integrated polarizer is designed to fit inside the holder itself, eliminating reflections while enhancing usability and adjustability.

Brand X includes a polarizer with their holder, why don’t you?

The “included” polarizer from cheap holder systems is made from extremely thin and inexpensive window pane glass. The tolerances for surface flatness are extremely low, meaning that significant image degradation occurs. Our polarizer is 2.5mm thick and made from the finest optical glass materials in the world.

Why do you use wood handles?

Wood is a natural, sustainable material that is also lightweight and rugged. Wood also has a high temperature stability, meaning it will not get too hot on hot days or too cold on cold days. Wood improves the user interaction, and looks amazing.

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