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“Why do I shoot phase one? The answer is simple. I don’t believe any other system can give me the results I’m looking for. Not to mention these suckers are reliable! I have honestly put them through the roughest conditions and they constantly shine for me. Lastly, the support is amazing.”

Joshua Cutillo / Portrait Photographer
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“Lance Schad at DT is always there for me, picking up the phone night and day. If I’m going on a trip and want to know what lens I should bring, he’s always available to answer those kinds of questions.

You don’t get that with other camera companies. You can’t pick up the phone and reach someone specific at Nikon or Canon. DT is the only company that does that.”

Rudy Atallah / Landscape & Wildlife Photographer
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“As for DT, they have extensive knowledge, wonderful service, and are very convenient to work with, even when I am shooting on the West Coast! I first worked with both Wayne and Lance before they came to DT. They were remarkably helpful, insightful, and supportive of my goals.

Because of that, I chose to follow them when they started at DT. It was a wise decision on my part. Both gentlemen have seen me shoot a number of times and they are very conversant in my needs and how their products can improve my quality and workflow. “

Michael Furman / Automotive Photographer
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“The team at DT has always been right there, giving me immediate attention when needed, and I have always depended on them as a reliable source of information and I’ve always learned from them.

I simply can’t imagine not having DT as a constant source of support, and I’m so fortunate to have them!”

Harold Ross / Fine Art Photographer
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DT Featured Photographer Series

Each month, we are honored to feature the incredible work of our clients through the popular DT Featured Photographer series!

This blog series highlights the work and creative approach from industry-leading photographers in the world of medium format.

Explore our Featured Photographers and read more about their stories.

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The DT Difference

DT Photo brings industry-leading photographic solutions to the world’s most discerning photographers. With best-in class technology and a team of dedicated experts, we set the standard for digital medium format photography.

Whether you’re looking to own, rent, or need support and training – we’ve got you covered. It’s not about affording the best equipment, it’s about being afforded the best experience.

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