Looking to get into a Medium Format system?

Digital Transitions’ leasing options are all lease-to-own. After your last payment, pay $1 and the system is yours. Use our custom calculator to see what sample monthly lease payments might be like. Choose from one of our many pre-made bundles or enter your own equipment cost and description. You can select a preset kit from the dropdown menu, or you can enter an amount in the “equipment cost” field. However, only do one or the other, if you select a kit and add an amount it adds them together.

End of Year Tax Write-offs:

By taking advantage of Section 179, you can write off 100% of equipment purchased in 2018 – up to $500,000, and not to exceed your Adjusted Gross Income. Whether you pay cash or finance you can write off the full amount this year and save in taxes next spring. The benefit of financing: you get the full write off but still have use of your cash and pay for the equipment as it makes money for you over time. For Example, if your State and Federal income combined tax rates are 40%, on a $25,000 purchase you will save $10,000 in taxes next year.