Phase One XT Camera Body




The XT Camera System is developed as the next step in the evolution of the field camera. Phase One was born-digital and, by pioneering a fully integrated camera with medium and large format optics, we streamline and re-imagine what a field camera can do. The XT Camera System features complete digital integration and workflow, and a brand new, exclusive shutter technology: the X-Shutter.

Unparalleled image quality

The breathtaking quality of the images from an XT Camera System are sure to impress and inspire others. Phase One sets the standard for image quality in medium format, so your photography will stand out.

Crafted for you

The XT Camera System is designed for convenience and engineered for precision. The exclusive, high-quality finishes of each system are given individual care, resulting in a camera that is desired as much for its beauty as for its image quality.

Travel-friendly design

The XT Camera System emphasizes a modular and travel- friendly design that fits easily into your lifestyle. The form and aesthetic underline the system’s priorities as a new breed of camera, masterfully designed for portability without sacrificing quality.

Effortless capture

Turning a new page in the history of the field camera, the XT delivers full digital integration and intuitive, easy-to- master operation. Meticulous attention has been given to fine details and usability features, elevating your shooting experience.

Expanding camera system

The XT Camera System is designed to expand and evolve. With the brains of the IQ4 Infinity Platform and the heart of the X-Shutter, the integration and features of the XT support limitless potential for even simpler use. The XT is a camera system that is extraordinary now and is poised to get even better with age.

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