Team DT

Meet the team that makes DT the largest seller of Phase One & Mamiya Leaf in the U.S. and Phase One’s Support Partner of the Year for 2015.

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Mark Oster

Owner/Sales | Ext. 2250 | E-Mail

Peter Siegel

Owner/DTDCH Sales | Ext. 2280 | E-Mail

Lance Schad

Sales | Ext. 2240 | E-Mail

Michelle Matthews

Sales | Ext. 2270 | E-Mail

Jeff Lin

Sales | Ext. 2370 | E-Mail

Ken Scott

West Coast Sales | Ext. 2440 | E-Mail

Wayne Cozzolino

DTDCH Sales | Ext. 2330 | E-Mail

Michael Chan

DTDCH Sales | Ext. 2390 | E-Mail

Carol Wilczewski

DTDCH Sales | Ext. 2340 | E-Mail

Jerry Ward

DTDCH Sales | Ext. 2490 | E-Mail

Arnab Chatterjee

Scientific Sales | Ext. 2480 | E-Mail

Doug Peterson

Product Manager, R+D | Ext. 2350 | E-Mail

Spencer Zidarich

R+D, Support | Ext. 2450 | E-Mail

Kate Stone

Events Manager & Content Marketing Specialist | Ext. 2220 | E-Mail

Rudy Lorejo

Support | Ext. 2470 | E-Mail

Glynis Siegel

Accounting | Ext. 2210 | E-Mail

Joseph King

Support | Ext. 2320 | E-Mail

Scott Newirth

Support | Ext. 2310 | E-Mail




Interns: In Memorandum

We love our interns but unfortunately the nature of their position means we don’t always get to keep them forever. Below we forever memorialize them in the canon of the Internets. Good night and good luck in all of your future endeavors.


James Conkle

The Very First

Timothy Smith

Intern The Third

Future Intern

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