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Feature Update 8 for Phase One XT, XF, and IQ4

Feature 8 Official Release Phase One is making waves this holiday season by announcing the [...]

Phase One Lab, DualExposure+, and the Death of Digital Noise

Please note that the new version of Capture One 20 released today (version 20.0.3) is [...]

Why the XF IQ4’s New Feature Update Makes it the Most Average Camera in the World

Highlights Phase One just released the first major feature update for the IQ4 platform One [...]

Updating Your IQ4 with the “Creative Control” Firmware

UPDATE 1 (July 15): Firmware Bug Notice: Currently on Digital Back Firmware 3.00.20, the digital back’s [...]

The Phase One IQ4 Now Has Automated Frame Averaging

Take the Photographic Triangle and throw it in the garbage; Automated Frame Averaging officially arrives [...]

IQ4 Firmware 1.03.26 Now Available

IQ4 firmware version 1.03.26 is now available for download here at Phase One’s website.  DT [...]

IQ4 firmware update (1.01.18)

IQ4 firmware 1.01 is now available for download at DT has done initial testing [...]

DT Copal Shutter Workaround for Phase One IQ4 150mp

DT has developed this as a temporary workaround to use until Phase One ships the [...]