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As a lifetime experienced photographer, Robert Shreve has migrated from shooting, processing, and printing from film to the digital world. As a photographer, Robert has migrated from and to multiple camera systems always chasing “Sharpness, Detail and Dynamic Range”. It is important to realize that the transition from film initially increased the speed of shooting but later shooting digital normalized back to a more deliberate approach as the film days. It is important for digital photographers to be more deliberate when shooting, less files, better work. “A deliberate and selective approach to a subject”, is necessary.

The medium format world allows the photographer to be more deliberate with each image capture. “Most of the time I do not use autofocus as I actually prefer to utilize Live View on the digital back and manual focus to ensure proper focus and focus exactly where it is most critical”. “When shooting from a helicopter I always use manual focus and shoot to infinity or where the infinite focus point is located on MY lenses.” The open system of Phase One also allows the use of lenses from Alpa Rodenstock and others. Robert says, “When I get out my camera to shoot a scene, I first think about how I would post-process this particular scene”. Learning from Ansel’s methods, determining WHAT you want the image to convey and reveal is the first step in the capture process. What is the story of the image?

When printing 60 inches or larger it is critical that the image be sharp edge to edge and detail throughout with the highest possible resolution. Robert’s images are reproduced on FujiFlex imaging products and are laser printed. When shooting a high-resolution camera such as the Phase One IQ4 150 coupled with 4000 dpi printing any mistakes are obvious therefore, being deliberate, having the best camera gear, and good technique is extremely important.

Robert has utilized most of the popular imaging processing products but has found that Capture One is the primary application for the majority of his work. “Capture One has created a solution that takes the image from RAW to Print with exceptional detail and accuracy of color.

All of these techniques used to produce the highest quality image and further allow this work to stand out on gallery walls.

As a Phase One and Capture One user, all of these goals are met, and the ultimate judge is the wow factor from a viewer of the end result.

Want to learn more about Robert’s work? Read more in our April DT Featured Photographer article here.


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Robert Shreve | Fine Art Photographer

Robert Shreve is an award-winning Landscape photographer. Shreve’s work has been recognized many times since 2012, so far, has won many International Awards. Shreve’s most known quote is “Landscape Photography encourages me to go places I otherwise might not ever go.” The award-winning Landscape image is rarely out the back door of a resort but, typically in some remote, minimally traveled destination or just plain luck of being in the right place at the right time.




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