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New Year, New Gear – 5 Things Every Photographer Needs in Their Camera Bag

The new year brings with it many resolutions. Among the most popular are hitting the [...]

Comparison: The IQ3 100mp on a Hasselblad H5X and a Phase One XF

With the Phase One IQ3 100mp available in both M Mount and H Mount, it only [...]

Massive Still Life Shootout

The Limits of Someone Else’s Testing Digital Transitions firmly believes the best test is the [...]

HDMI on the Phase One IQ3 100mp

During this week’s Phase One IQ3 100mp Open Houses we’ve found one of the most [...]

New Phase One XF Firmware

The Perspective of Phase One VP Of R+D Lau Nørgaard Our Perspective When the XF [...]

Big Buttery Bokeh; Ultra Fast Portrait Lenses for Phase One Bodies – Part 2

Mamiya 80mm f/1.9, Phase One XF with Phase One IQ350 digital back. Photo by Doug Peterson. [...]

Schneider 35mm LS Test (Raws available)

Last week we took the afternoon to do more testing of the new Schneider 35LS. [...]

Modifying older lenses for use on the XF

As we discussed in the Big Buttery Bokeh; Ultra Fast Portrait Lenses for Phase One [...]

DT is awarded the Phase One Support Partner of the Year Award

We take our clients and support for their investments very seriously. That’s why we have [...]

DT Tuesday Tech Tip: Firmware 2.02.0

Proceed With Caution – Firmware 2.02. Today’s tech tip is an announcement and important reminder to [...]