DT Tuesday Tech Tip: Firmware 2.02.0

Proceed With Caution – Firmware 2.02.

Today’s tech tip is an announcement and important reminder to check before you upgrade. With the addition of the XF to Phase One’s camera line, the firmware updates may not be suitable for the DF and DF+.


What’s New

Phase One’s new Firmware, 2.02.0, is intended for updating components in the XF Camera System. This release contains updates for the XF Camera Body, IQ3 80MP, IQ3 60 MP and IQ3 50MP. In addition, new firmware is included for the IQ280, IQ260, IQ260 Achromatic, IQ250, IQ180, IQ160 and IQ150.


Should You Update?

This firmware is not recommended if you are using an IQ1 or IQ2 digital back with the DF+. This firmware does not support IQ1 or IQ2 digital backs for Hasselblad V, Hasselblad H or Contax. 


New Notable Features

XF Camera Body

  • The Hyperfocal point setting on the XF is available from the XF top screen by pressing the rear key and navigating to [Tools>Hyperfocal Point]. When set, the Hyperfocal setting becomes available as a third option selectable from focus point selector icon on the top screen.