The New Phase One 40mm Tilt Shift Lens Opportunity

The New Phase One 40mm Tilt Shift Lens Opportunity

By David Shedlarz

For those of us who have been photographing for some time, Phase’s XT
Camera and IQ4 back along with the new 40mm tilt shift lens brings to life, in a more
versatile and user- friendly form, the old Cambo/Rodenstock copal tilt shift lenses.
Offering the photographic functionality of tilt shift along with the benefits of the XT
Camera and IQ4 back.

On a recent trip to the Southwest, I had the opportunity to put this new lens to the test.

 ISO 125 1s frame averaged over 5 minutes f/11

First at Bonsai Rock in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The challenge was to have the
maximum depth of field advantage to get both the foreground rocks in sharp focus with
the bonsai trees and rock in the background. This was also an opportunity to take full
advantage of the frame averaging feature of the IQ4 back. The ease of adjusting the tilt
and shift while onsite in unfriendly environments is a bonus.

ISO 100 1/100s f/8

The second photograph was taken at Red Rock Canyon in Nevada. This
shot put the tilt shift lens to a more demanding test given the distance between the
shrubs in the foreground and the rock behind. A 1 ½ degree tilt allowed both parts of
the image to be perfectly sharp and extremely well resolved.

ISO 100 1/400s f/11

The third image at Mouse’s Tank Road in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
offered the biggest challenge of them all. In this image, the distance between the
foreground and background subjects was miles apart. A tilt of approximately 2 degrees
combined with setting the tripod slightly higher than usual did the trick-the image is
perfectly in focus on the rock structure in the left foreground to the mountain some miles
away. You get all the capability with the full advantages of the IQ4, XT camera system.
I don’t think that these three images would have been as strong without the
power of the IQ4 back, XT Camera and the new 40mm tilt shift lens.
Overall, the images speak for themselves.


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