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Capture One M1 Benchmark Test Results

Recently Capture One was updated to natively support M1 Processors; DT took this as an [...]

Capture One Announces Native Support for M1 Macs

Capture One 21 Now Supported on M1 Macs TLDR: Today’s release (version 14.2.0 of “Capture [...]

Feature Update 8 for Phase One XT, XF, and IQ4

Feature 8 Official Release Phase One is making waves this holiday season by announcing the [...]

5 Tasks Every Photographer Should Start the New Year With

This article is about things that are aggressively NOT fun. But hopefully that doesn’t mean [...]

Where to Spend Your Money When Buying a Computer for Capture One

What computer hardware specifications matter most to Capture One? What will help you tether, review, [...]

Arca Swiss Heads – The Essential Primer

Arca Swiss is the gold standard of tripod heads and quick release systems. Their design [...]

Phase One’s X-Shutter. The Copal of the 21st Century

Many people who use a field/view/tech camera do not use flash. For them, flash sync [...]

Tech Camera 101: Camera Movements Illustrated

Shooting in the Morgan Museum and Library’s main library is a great perk of our [...]

Sneak Preview – Rodenstock 138mm HR Lens

Digital Transitions is passionate about tech cameras. That’s why we were so excited to hear [...]

Phase One IQ4 “Creative Control” Feature Update

The IQ4 150MP “Creative Control” feature update (aka firmware update, aka FU1) follows in the [...]