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Featured Photographer – Barett Henry

This month’s featured photographer is a master at wedding photography – Barett Henry. Read his [...]

Why Medium Format?

“Why medium format?“ This is a question that gets asked a lot, along with “Why [...]

Featured Photographer – Keith Major

NOTE: The article was written and posted before Kevin Hart’s awful accident on Sunday September [...]

Featured Photographer – Barry DiBernardo

This month we’re featuring the haunting black and white landscapes of Barry DiBernardo, and getting [...]

Featured Photographer – Rodrigo Cid

This month we’re featuring the unique and engaging portrait work of Rodrigo Cid, and get some [...]

Featured Photographer – Payton Ruddock

This month we’re featuring the intimate portrait work of Payton Ruddock, and get some insight into [...]

Featured Photographer – Carol Highsmith

Often referred to as “America’s Photographer,” Carol Highsmith is a legend in the photography world. [...]

Featured Photographer – Andrei Duman

From striking portraits to surreal landscape perspectives, Andrei Duman has built a reputation for creating [...]

Featured Photographer – Jay Rusovich

Jay Rusovich’s strikingly expressive and sculptural portraits are instantly evocative. This month we get a [...]

Featured Photographer – Marshall Troy

Each month we feature a DT customer who’s doing exciting and interesting work in the [...]