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Justin Bridges is a Quitter

Today’s featured DT client, Justin Bridges (@bybridges) transitioned from a life on wall street to [...]

Hot and Cold | Images by John Hurshman

Editors Note: While most of our clients are professional photographers deriving their income from their craft, [...]

LA 12k | Phase One XF Time Lapse Tool

  Update: Our full Time Lapse App Suite has been released, see more here.   [...]

David Yellen Featured on PDN Cover

Client David Yellen has been featured on the cover of PDN with a corresponding article [...]

History Repeats: LF vs 35

Editors Note: The below is an article written by our customer Bob Adler. It was [...]

Sebastian Kim: Photographing TIME’s Oscars 2012 Porfolio Showcase

TIME’s annual Oscars portfolio showcases each year’s best performers through a portfolio of striking portraits. [...]

David Reinfeld: Taking Photography to New Heights

What makes a picture come alive? Why do some photographs remain in our consciousness, while [...]

Flawless Details Under Pressure

Have you ever seen that wildly energetic dance from the 40s, the Lindy Hop? How [...]

Photographer David Westphtal

David Westphal is a commercial and landscape photographer located in Los Angeles. He uses his [...]