David Reinfeld: Taking Photography to New Heights

What makes a picture come alive? Why do some photographs remain in our consciousness, while others fall away? These are the questions that photographer David Reinfeld asks, in a world where the boundaries of well-crafted commercialism and fine art have blurred.

David pushes photography to the limit as he captures spectacular landscapes while hanging off cliffs in the canyons of the Southwest. He has spent years searching for a portable digital solution that would give him the image quality he demanded to achieve his vision. Now utilizing the new Phase One P 65+ on a Phase One 645 camera, he has a solution that gives him freedom from the restrictions of other cameras and provides added dynamic range in varying degrees of light. Now any environment is approachable for him, whether he is dealing with the harsh light of midday or a low contrast gray day.

David Reinfeld

Find out why David considers his Phase One system the world’s best point and shoot camera. Click here to see his Gallery and read his Shooter Profile. Also check out his amazing images on his web site: www.davidreinfeld.com.

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