New Phase One Firmware Test

Phase One recently released a new firmware update for the P 40+ and P 65+ digital backs. After completing my own test, I definitely recommend running the update for those using these backs. I tested it by capturing up to a minute, which is the maximum time Phase One recommends with the P 40+ and P 65+. I took a picture of the same object without moving anything – only changing lights and shutter speed and I must say that this new firmware surprised me.  The image quality improvement really stands out and will expand your options greatly. You can see in the images below how good the quality is.
P 65 ExposureP 40+ Exposure

If you would like to see the full test or set up a time to do your own test, please email Michelle Matthews at If you have P 40+ or P 65+ digital backs, click here to download the firmware and install it yourself.

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