Details, Details and More Details!

Most people call me skeptical. People who know me will say when it comes to photography equipment, “Mark’s a nice guy, but he is a little jaded.”

That changed today.

I opened up a P 65+ test shot from Phase One of the Copenhagen Opera House. In the picture you view the unusual structure from across the water. It is a dark night. Wind ripples make the building’s reflection shimmer. Honestly, although a nice shot, this pic falls short of matching the aesthetic level that my architectural artists create on a daily basis.

So what makes this image interesting?

As you look again at a full frame image preview, despite the building only taking up ¼ of the frame, the individual floors are distinct. The floors are very, very tiny, but they are distinct nonetheless. You involuntarily squint while you try to make something out of the mosaic pattern in the brightly illuminated top floor. You get the feeling that there ought to be something more in those narrow ribbons of bright pixels. Most other cameras just record such a thin strip as an overexposed band of mush, but this is the new P 65+. Surely, there will be something there when I look closer…

Double click the Capture One 4 Pro pan tool on this upper floor to zoom into the image at 100%. Wow! Right before your eyes the blocks of indistinct colors expand and transform into delicate shapes. Not only can you count the chairs and tables in the upper floor’s café setting now, but you can also see the individual arm rests on chairs and the thin legs on tables.


One note. Combining the P 65+, the Phase One digital grade glass and Capture One 4 Pro software enables you to routinely create such fantastic detail resolution. They used the Capture One 4 Pro High Dynamic Range tool to rebuild fine detail in this otherwise blown out image area. When you pull up the EXIF data in the Info Tab you see that the image came from a Phase One camera. The nearly noiseless exposure was 30 seconds long. They used the Phase One 75~150 zoom lens set to 125mm. Not a prime lens. Not an exotic specialty lens. They used a stock Phase One zoom lens!

You have got to check out the P 65+ for yourself. Let your own eyes be the judge. You will love the quality and the uncanny detail in your photographs. So will your clients.

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