Phase One Launches NEW IQ4 Mobile App

At long last, Phase One has released a mobile application for iOS devices that is capable of interfacing with their IQ4 platform! Cascable, as the application is called, is a 3rd party camera remote control application designed by Cascable AB, an independent Swedish software company. It has existed standalone for some time, but Phase One partnered with them recently, expanding the application to control Phase One cameras with a strong degree of integration.


Hardware Compatibility

The application is available for iOS devices and is compatible with IQ4 based systems ONLY. It is fully compatible with the XF, XT, and X-Shutter systems when used with IQ4 digital backs.

It offers limited compatibility with the IQ4 back electronic shutter and manual lenses (copal shutters, aperture-only tech camera lenses). Remote triggering is allowed, but adjustment of ES shutter speed and aperture metadata may only be changed directly from the IQ4 or Capture One if tethered.


How does it compare to Capture Pilot?

In early testing, Cascable seems to be a capable remote control app for the IQ4 platform across all P1 bodies and shutter systems, providing most of the camera control functionality of Capture One. When tethered to a computer, images can be captured to the active Session and the mobile application, but there is no integration into the Session itself. 

However, because the app actually allows the user to save Raw files directly to the iOS device itself, there are some upsides when tethering is not an option. Images can be captured to card and the application simultaneously and AirDropped to a computer when you’re ready to edit them, eliminating the need for cables and card readers.



As of its release, we have tested the application with the IQ4 150MP system and can confirm that the application provides the following functionality:

  1. You can fully adjust the following parameters:
    • Exposure Mode (Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority, Program Auto)
    • Aperture
    • Shutter Speed
    • ISO
    • Focus (near/close with 3 levels of granularity, blue ring lenses only, must be in AF mode, same as in Camera Focus tool in C1)
    • White Balance
    • File Format (all IIQ options)

  2. You can fully configure/control the following tools/functions:
    • Initiate AF
    • Configure AF Point Type (spot, average, hyperfocal)
    • Configure AF Drive (single/continuous)
    • Change Capture Modes (single, multiple, time delay, vibration delay, Bulb/Time)
    • Metering mode (matrix, center-weighted, spot)
    • Exposure Bracketing (XF/XT)

  3. You can trigger the following tools, provided you’ve navigated to the tools and set the details on the camera or digital back:
    • XF HDR Tool
    • XF Timelapse Tool
    • XF Focus Stacking Tool
    • XF/XT DualExposure+ Tool

  4. You can review images shot in the app, and forward them to a computer running Capture One or mobile editing applications that support Phase One Raw files.

The app also includes a unique automation tool called “Shutter Robot,” which allows users to write shooting sequences using simple instruction blocks. This is possibly the most interesting feature in the application, and the one that will take the most time and community creativity to fully unlock the potential.



In short, Cascable is effectively the equivalent of the following features in Capture One:

  1. Live View
  2. Every field/setting in the Camera Tool
  3. Camera Focus Tool 
  4. Limited browser window

In our testing, application stability is quite good; once the camera was connected, it stayed connected. However, Live View over Wi-Fi remains a severe limitation, with delays of several seconds and low refresh rates. This was predictable though, and performance seems to be on par with Wi-Fi tethering directly to Capture One. 

Given Capture One’s recent announcement of an iPad app coming in 2022, this seems like a logical part of bridging the gap towards full mobile integration. While the application isn’t perfect, it is a solid first step towards expanding the functionality of the IQ4 platform, and both Phase One and Cascable have hinted at the fact that there is plenty of room for future development.


Further Information & How to Download

Cascable is a free download with optional in-app purchases that unlock Cascable Pro. Cascable Pro is required to unlock some additional features. The app is available as a subscription or as a non-subscription purchase so as to give users maximum flexibility and choice. Phase One Users get the Pro Features for free. Download here to get started. You can read more about Cascable integration with Phase One here.


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