Phase One & Schneider Announce Innovative New Lens Designs

Phase One and precision lens maker Schneider Kreuznach announced a series of new lenses. Building on two years of intense collaboration which includes the introduction of four lenses, the two companies have now designed four new superior quality lenses for professional photographers. The four new leaf shutter (LS) lenses are now under development and the […]

Arca-Swiss R Camera Video Introduction

Watch this video that explains the operation and features of the Arca-Swiss R series technical camera. It was produced by Rod Klukas from Arca-Swiss. Digital Transitions is as reseller for the full line of Arca-Swiss Cameras and Heads including: RM3di RM2d d4 Head Cube   Please contact us for more information or a demo at […]

The New Phase One IQ Series

Phase One has announced its amazing line of IQ Series digital backs. With three digital backs delivering 80, 60.5, or 40 megapixel resolution, you will experience the first camera to offer a large 3.2″ retina type 1.15 megapixel high resolution touch screen display. The new multi touch screen and 4 button navigation lets you zoom, […]

Flash Sync Up to 1/1600

Phase One has raised the bar in the medium format market with its announcement of the new DF camera and Schneider lenses with a Flash Sync speed up to 1/1600 of a second. This new technology truly enables photographers more ways to be creative. However, since the announcement we haven’t been able to see many […]

David Reinfeld: Taking Photography to New Heights

What makes a picture come alive? Why do some photographs remain in our consciousness, while others fall away? These are the questions that photographer David Reinfeld asks, in a world where the boundaries of well-crafted commercialism and fine art have blurred. David pushes photography to the limit as he captures spectacular landscapes while hanging off […]

New Phase One Firmware Test

Phase One recently released a new firmware update for the P 40+ and P 65+ digital backs. After completing my own test, I definitely recommend running the update for those using these backs. I tested it by capturing up to a minute, which is the maximum time Phase One recommends with the P 40+ and […]

Flawless Details Under Pressure

Have you ever seen that wildly energetic dance from the 40s, the Lindy Hop? How would you photograph a world record gathering of the most Lindy Hop dancers dancing in one place? To further complicate matters, what if that place were outdoors in front of Central Park’s famous Naumberg Bandshell? Every face counts. Sheffield UK […]

Not Just More Pixels, Better Pixels

Merely having more pixels does not make a digital camera better. “More garbage is just more garbage.” All pixels are not created equal. So what do you look for? The three most common features that people call for when seeking the best pixels are 16-bit color, 12 stop dynamic range and no interfering filters. Think […]

Color Issue Solutions

Recently, I was at a client’s facility where they image paintings for conservation purposes. They were having an issue capturing some blue pigment samples that were going purple. This was happening because their device was picking up some reds in pigment that were undetectable by the human eye. The CCD sensors were picking it up […]

Details, Details and More Details!

Most people call me skeptical. People who know me will say when it comes to photography equipment, “Mark’s a nice guy, but he is a little jaded.” That changed today. I opened up a P 65+ test shot from Phase One of the Copenhagen Opera House. In the picture you view the unusual structure from […]